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Headshot Rates

The following is included in your headshot session:

• Up to one hour of shooting for one look.

• A look is a combination of outfit, hair, makeup, and background. Additional looks can be added.

• You get up to 40 high-resolution images per look.

• Your images will be uploaded to a private online gallery.

• You can share this gallery with agents, friends, and family to help you select your best images.

• Professionally-retouched images are an extra charge. I spend up to 40 minutes per image to make sure you look your absolute best. Retouching is highly recommended.


Retouched images will showcase the best possible image of you. All the images on my website have been retouched by me. I offer professional retouching per image and if you like, we can discuss specifics of what you want retouched.

Retouching includes some or all of the following:

• Whitening teeth

• Removing eye redness

• Removing blemishes and pimples

• Balancing skin tones

• Removing stray hairs

• Reducing permanent marks

• Reducing wrinkles

• Enhancing colors

• Enhancing light and shadows

• Removing glare from glasses


• On-location sessions can be held indoors or outdoors. For indoor locations, I will bring my studio to you and can do all in-studio shots. In-studio sessions include background colors of white, black, and every shade in between. This is where we can do high-key (pure white background) headshots as shown on my website.

• For outdoor locations, the background can be blurred and not be distinguishable, which will add a cinematic style to the image.

• Session fee is due at the time of booking in order to reserve your date and is non refundable. If you need to reschedule, please give us 48-hours notice. If we can't reschedule and you need to cancel for reasons such as an emergency, weather, or you will no longer be in town, the session fee will be refunded in full.

For rates, please call because each photo shoot is customized to your needs.

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