Sarasota Real Estate Photography

My approach to real estate photography is like nothing you have ever seen before. I can take an ordinary space and turn it in to a beautiful piece of art. I will also make a million dollar home look every bit worth a million dollars. Each of my shoots is custom and I place my attention to detail and obsession for quality on each property whether it’s a small or very large home.

My Techniques

I approach each room of a home with a fresh perspective and make sure to find the best angles and lighting. I take multiple light and dark shots of the same space in order to capture a beautiful outdoor view through a window and correctly expose an interior. I then apply my expert lighting and retouching techniques to make sure your home looks its very best and commands the price you are asking for.

Post Production

I take an ordinary image and remove blemishes, distracting objects, correct the color, lighting, and exposure, and apply my art of adding and removing light from areas of the image. I blend exposures of interiors spaces with outdoor views through windows to make sure beautiful outdoor views are captured alongside correctly exposed interiors. I want to give it that look that is worthy of publishing in a magazine.


I provide high-resolution image files that you can use for your listings or brochures and I create virtual tours accompanied to music. I also produce high-definition custom videos to bring your real estate marketing to the next level.

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